Gippsland Water Factory – Vortex Pond

Project Info
  • Location: Morwell
  • Category: Portfolio
Project Details

Gippsland Water Factory approached us in relation to providing a complete waterproofing and protective lining coating system for the concrete surface at the bottom of the Vortex Lake/Pond .

More Project Details

The Vortex Lake is a focal point at the Gippsland Water Factory site in Morwell. Above the lake sits the Gippsland Water Factories administration building and visitors centre. The lake has been made visible through the purpose built deck flooring within the centre’s building. The water used in the lake could be raw water or reverse osmosis treated water from the plant. The reverse osmosis water has a particular composition, and the lining needed to be able to withstand it on a long term basis, which was something that needed to be taken into account when deciding what product would be best to use on this particular project for longevity.

Through working in close consultation with the client and our suppliers we were able to put forward a long term solution which was to apply a suitable lining/material to waterproof the Vortex lake to prevent leakages.

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